Known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches

From the colonial streets of Granada and León to the beauty of its beaches, Nicaragua has so much to offer. It offers great beaches, both dormant and active volcanoes and stunning wilderness and wildlife. It’s becoming the new hot spot for volunteers and travelers alike.

Nicaragua is known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches. Adventure awaits, from zip-lining in the cloud forest with the monkeys and sloths, to sand boarding down Cerro Negro volcano or surfing in San Juan del Sur, there’s much to do.

Connecting to communities

Aside from the wonderful environment and the warmth of the people, we have great partners in Nicaragua. We’ve been working with 3 different communities.

Thomas Borges community, originally a squatter’s community, where homes are mostly made of found materials and tin sheets. Education and health are the focus of our collaborative projects here.

We also work with the rural community of Granadilla. The community formed a cooperative, which is well structured and hard working. They recently started to work in the field of tourism as a way for strengthening local and sustainable development. We are addressing the needs of the local women in the cooperative to boost their salary, ultimately helping their families and the community.

Our newest partner can be found on island of Ometepe. Ometepe has been declared World Network of Biosphere Reserves by the UNESCO in 2013, a title that could be revoked if environmental issues are not resolved. We are collaborating with community to find solutions on waste disposal issues. This is one of the most important issues environmental challenges of the island. We are working with local biologists, environmental activists, artists and local students.

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Nicaragua Fast Facts!

Official Name: Republic of Nicaragua

Location: Central America, bordering Costa Rica and Honduras, set between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean

Capital: Managua

Population: 6.8 million

Currency: Nicarguan Cordoba (NIO)

Languages: Spanish

Climate: A general subtropical climate with 2 seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

There are three temperature zones in Nicaragua. In the lowlands on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, temperatures range between between 72° F at night and 86° F during the day. Temperature can reach 100° in May. The central part of the country averages 80 F and in the mountains in the north, temperatures range from 60-80F.