What We're Passionate About

Connections to Community

Select Treks facilitates lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with all our partner communities. In particular, we focus on connecting “voluntourists” with projects benefiting women, children, and entrepreneurs. It has been shown that when these groups in particular gain access to more social capital, more education, and more opportunity, their entire society benefits.

Responsible Travel

At Select Treks, we embrace responsible travel. It means being socially and culturally aware when traveling. You can expect a holistic experience that involves being closer to local peoples’ daily life, traditions and culture. You will gain an understanding of your affect on the places you visit while making a positive impact on those communities.

For the Road Less Traveled

Are you the kind of traveler who hopes to “be in the journey,” not just sightsee? Who likes to make new connections, not just tick off itineraries? Who wants to travel the road less traveled? You are why Select Treks offers custom, participatory experiences to take in the natural wonders, cultural opportunities and amazing adventures in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.
Our trips focus on sightseeing, volunteering, adventure and cultural interaction – in a fun, rewarding combination that we shape according to your interests and in partnership with local communities. We take great care to select our local tour guides who are experienced, well educated and a part of the local community.

About Us

Joanne Trangle has traveled all over the world for over 25 years. She loves all things travel and has a special place in her heart for Africa. The many wonderful friends and associations she’s made inspired her to start Select Treks. Joanne has long term relationships with all of the communities and guides in the various countries where Select Trek offers trips. She  is always interested in meeting new communities and  learning about new opportunities in developing countries. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and 3 boys. She believes in the power of seeing the world and experiencing other cultures, creating global citizens on roads less traveled.

Joanne Trangle